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Hi Everyone, I am Jasper!

You may not think I look unique at first glance but wait until you see me! Then you will see I am missing my tail but don’t worry this does not affect me at all but in fact, it makes me very special. I am a very loving boy who gets along with everyone I have met, including other cats and cat-friendly dogs.

I do love attention though and will call out if I am not getting it, I love to be held or to sit right next to you. Although throughout the day I am happy to sit and sleep on my cat post or window seat. I love to play with feathers and balls but most of all I love spending time with you. I did have a stressful start to my life at GAR and have been eating Science Hill c/d Multicare Stress with Chicken Dry Cat Food dry food and my foster family have placed Feliway around their home which has helped me so much. I also need to be brushed as I do have medium-length fur and don’t want to get matted but I love it!

I have spent most of my time with two other cats, and we got along great. Also, an energetic puppy who I will happily sit next to especially because I love chasing his tail. I even spent some time with a noisy toddler and didn’t mind pats and kisses from them. I can be quite vocal in the morning and when you come home but after I get some attention I normally settle right down.

If you are looking for a cuddly, sweet, talkative and playful addition to your family, then look no further - Jasper is your boy!

Jasper is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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