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German Shepherd

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This handsome boy is Jax, he loves squeaky toys, games of chasey, car rides, walks and most of all he loves head scratches!

Jax is fairly independent, he doesn’t show any signs of separation anxiety and is fine being left home alone, as long as he gets his daily walks, toys to play with and a nice area to sunbake in. Being a Shepherd, he does have a big bark, which can be loud but he only barks if there is a weird noise or if a cat teases him by walking along the fence. If you are after a dog to bark when someone comes to the door, Jax is not the one for you. He doesn’t notice someone is there until after they are gone, then he might bark.

Jax hasn’t had any socialisation or training before coming into care, he didn’t even know how to sit. Being such a smart boy, he has learnt a lot already and continues to learn more every day. Jax knows how to sit, wait, leave it, go in his crate when asked, walk well on the lead and to drop a toy when asked. Due to Jax’s past he does struggle with sharing, he does not know how to share his toys well with strangers and has been possessive of them. We have been working on this with him and he has improved so much, he does know to drop a toy when asked but it is very important that his new owners continue to work on this with him so he learns that sharing is fun and it means he can have more fun and play with his humans. Jax has been left to his own devices for so long that he can take a bit to fully trust a new person but once he does,he is very loyal and always down for a game of chasey or fetch. He is still working on bringing the ball right to you, he usually just drops it near by and waits for you to throw it again. 

Jax hasn’t had too much experience with other dogs and is a bit socially awkward, he is dominant towards male dogs and a little humpy towards female dogs but does listen well when they tell him off. He does currently live with another older male dog and they co-exist well but are never left alone together. Jax does try to play with his foster brother but isn’t really sure how to so just barks at him then runs off and grabs a toy to play with. Due to Jax’s possessiveness over toys we do think it would be best that he goes to an only pet home but may be able to live with another female dog once he has more training and socialisation. Jax hasn’t shown any possessive behaviour over his toys towards his foster brother while in care and they have happily chewed and played with separate toys right near each other but just to be safe they are never left alone with toys. 

Despite Jax’s not to great start to life he is really a sweet dog and just wants someone to give him the time and love he needs. Jax’s forever home needs to have no other pets, especially small animals like cats or pocket pets. No children under the age of 18 or children that visit regularly, Jax has never met any children and given his past we think they would be too stressful for him. Jax needs someone dedicated to continuing his training, a nice yard to hang out in, daily walks and head scratches. 

Jax is very smart, food motivated, playful and eager to please, with more training he will become a great dog! He is toilet trained, crate trained, desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Jax can’t wait to meet you!

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