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Hi future mum/dad.
My name is Jerry, and’s not short for geriatric!
Although...having said that, I am on the cusp of 13 years old.

My owner moved away last year and was unable to take me, I was lucky enough to go into care with GAR which culminated with me being adopted.
However, after almost a year, my new family could no longer keep I’m back!

Since leaving my family I have had a lump removed from my shoulder and also have some work done on my chompers.

This has left me with issue.
I tend to dribble as I have a cuddle, so I may leave little damp patches on your lap occasionally. Sorry....but I can’t help it.

My blood tests were internally everything is working fine!
I do have some arthritis in my spine which means I don’t move at a fast pace. I have been having pentosan injections to help that too.

I would love an only cat home, although other cats wouldn’t be a huge issue for long as there is more than one lap in the house to sit on. I’m pretty happy with other cats, as long as they don’t want to rough play with me ��
I don’t mind dogs either....they don’t phase long as they don’t jump on me.

I use my litter without a problem and also love my food.

Do you have room for me in your home? I’d love somewhere quiet to live out my remaining years.

I’d prefer somewhere without young children or boisterous dogs.

Jerry is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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