Jinx & Trixie

Jinx & Trixie 

GAR1412 & 1413




5 Year(s) 1 Month(s)





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Hi everyone, it's so nice to meet you!

Our names are Trixie (female) and Jinx (male), two tiny, fun-loving kittens bursting with energy and big personalities. Our mum said we will definitely steal your hearts with our charming looks and lovable mannerisms.

We came into foster care together at just a couple of months old and are currently both around 14 weeks of age. Since living with our foster mum and dad, we have become inseparable and made great friends with their two bigger cats who have dealt with our kitten antics.

We LOVE to spend our days playing with our foster fur sisters and toys, eating food, sleeping, cuddling with each other and being EXTREMELY cute. We also enjoy snuggling on your lap and keeping you company whilst you are home. You can usually find us wherever the action (or food) is happening except for when our foster mum is vacuuming, we are a bit scared of the loud noise it makes!

We are both toilet trained however, we seemed to have spent a bit too much time learning from our foster fur sisters and have a habit of spreading litter around our bedroom and jumping on the table... Oops! However, unlike one of our foster sisters, we don't often tend to chat unless we know it's feeding time or our play fights become a little intense.

We haven't been tested with children or dogs however we are always willing to learn and make new friends! Our mum thinks we might be a bit energetic for young children as sometimes we get a bit excited and may try climbing legs, biting or scratching. We promise we are working on our behaviour! As we are both still very young, we do show kitten tendencies. We love to get into mischief and we play fight which often results in one of us squealing for human assistance however we are slowly learning some disciplinary skills.

Our forever home definitely needs a bunch of toys for us to entertain ourselves with, a scratching post so we don't attack the furniture but most importantly, humans who are ready to supply a lot of love and cuddles.

We look forward to meeting you!

Jinx & Trixie are desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments

Jinx:900164001793376                             Trixie: 900164001793382


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