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Everyone, meet Kiki!

With her soft, velvet fur coat it's lucky Kiki is such a love bug because you never want to stop patting her.

Kiki loves to be loved and wants to be the centre of your universe. When her person appears she locks eyes firmly on the target and charges head first into their legs leaning, rubbing and weaving until a lap is made available for her to jump into. She flips herself over and over turning inside out, all the while purring like a freight train, until she's snuggled into just the right spot.

Kiki likes cat friendly dogs and relaxed cats but she would be quite happy as an only cat so her person can spend the appropriate amount of time doting on her, telling her she's the "prettiest kitty of them all".

At only 3, between cuddles Kiki likes to demonstrate her superior hunting and soccer skills, darting across the floor at top speed after whatever toy she can find.

Kiki has the characteristic meow of an Oriental Cat and she certainly knows how to sing the song of her people if you're not paying her the attention she deserves. If her staff maintain her standards of attention and timely meal service, she does, however, keep her meow down to a polite little chirp.

Kiki must go to a strictly indoor only home as she has already demonstrated that she's not cut out for the outside world. Earlier this year Kiki made a dash out the door and was hit by a car, suffering multiple fractures. She has had surgery and extensive rehab and is not expected to have any ongoing issues as a result of the injuries.

Kiki's ideal home will be:
- Filled with devoted staff to attend to her every whim
- Indoor only
- No kids under 12

If you think you have enough love for Kiki then please send in an application outlining your intentions of life long worship into her people!

Kiki is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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