Kit Kat

Kit Kat 





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Take a break, hug a Kit Kat!

Are you looking for a precious bundle filled with purr? Someone to fill your lap and keep you warm in the evening? Someone to bounce around and add joy and excitement to your household? If you said yes to all those questions, then Kit Kat is the kitten for you!

Full of pounce and a attitude Kit Kat will keep you entertained for hours as she runs around booping and batting at anything she can find (or imagineā€¦ Kit Kat is well known for jumping around and batting at thin air!). Kit Kat loves to chase and wrestle with other cats and is extremely friendly so would make an ideal companion for an existing cat or kitten. Kit Kat has met dogs and is quite happy to say hello to a polite doggy.

When she's not bouncing around Kit Kat likes to set herself up in a lap for some serious nap time. She wriggles her way into a comfy spot, curls herself up into a tiny ball and purrs the afternoon away, blissfully unaware of anything that's going on around her.

Kit Kat is a dainty little kitten who would make a perfect family pet - Miss Kit Kat says, "the more attention the better!"

Kit Kat is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments & ready to find her new home!

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