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Hello! My name is Kitty, I know you’re confused but yes, I am a dog, a Poodle to be exact!

I am 9.5 years old and have lived a life on a big property running around and being an excellent security guard, I like to make sure that any visitors know that I am here to protect the house, but once they arrive at the door I am very friendly and very sweet. For this reason, if your neighbours don’t like to hear a dog bark in the day, I may not be the right fit for your house.

I am getting on in my years, but like to think that I have many good years ahead of me with my forever family, I am of good health with great teeth and joints, however my eyesight isn’t as good as what it used to be and I am a little blind. You can see I have some cataracts in my eyes and this makes it hard for me to see in glary and dim lights, it's important that I am adopted to a home that doesn’t have lots of stairs and a home that I can remember where my spaces are and I can navigate well and be in my forever home. I can be a little clumsy and bump into things if I’m not quite sure where I am, though it’s been rare since I’ve settled into my foster home,. I will need some help navigating a new home and finding where I can sleep, eat and drink. Though I have been great at finding my way around so far, I may need some extra help in the future if my vision declines further to make sure I don’t hurt myself, my foster carer can tell you about dog halos if you haven’t heard of them.

A home that is a little quieter would best suit me, too many noises, fast-moving objects or young children can be really scary for me so it’s best that I have a home that’s easy for me to get my bearings and take my time to find my space (without any surprises). I have lived with cats in my previous home and dogs and cats in my foster home, I get along well with everyone. Though I would prefer to live in a home with a furry friend, I would be okay by myself, just so long as I have a special someone to give lots of cuddles to. If I have a furry friend to live with, they will need to be patient with me as sometimes on walks I can forget where my friend is and bump into them or try to get into the bed that they are in, so anyone who snaps or is mean to me while I get my bearings just won’t be right for me.

I love going for walks and get very excited when I hear my lead, but because of my sight I can trip over uneven ground and stairs, so it’s important that I walk on more even ground or a local park. I also really like to play chasey with you at the park and get really excited to play a game a friend!

I’ve recently had a haircut however, my hair does grow longer and can get matted, so I will need regular grooming to make sure my coat looks lovely but also doesn’t get knotty.

I like being an indoor dog as I have so much love to give, I am very well behaved inside but will need to be let outside to go to the toilet or have regular access to a door to go outside, I haven’t quite figured out those doggy doors! Though I’m really great by myself at home, I can sometimes miss you and just want to be near you, so if any of your clothes are left unattended I will bring them in my bed to cuddle up to and think about you, so you can expect that I will have picked out an outfit just for you when you get home.

I am all ready to find my forever home and cuddle next to my special someone!

Kitty is microchipped, desexed and up to date with her flea and worm treatments

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