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Staghound X Mastiff

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Lady is a bouncy and energetic young puppy who approaches life with enthusiasm. When Lady meets anyone new (dog, cat, person) she explodes with happiness, her tail wagging so hard her whole body wiggles.

Lady enjoys taking part in every one of your daily activities. She loves car rides and walks and playing and gardening and cuddling when you're watching tv. Whilst she adores spending time with her people Lady is also an independent thinker and investigator and loves to trot off around the yard or house to investigate interesting nooks and crannies- the nose knows there's mischief to be found somewhere!

Her obedience training is coming along, she knows how to sit and come (when there isn't anything else more exciting going on) and is very polite at the door or gate. Learning not to pull on the lead is still a work in progress but with a few bags of tasty treats and some focused training it shouldn't take her long.

Lady is used to an indoor- outdoor lifestyle. She is doing quite well with her toilet training but still needs to be taken outside on a regular schedule. In the evenings Lady likes to watch TV with the family and is content to roll around in her bed whilst she's being patted.

Lady will do best in a house where she gets lots of attention and has an equally bouncy playmate to amuse her. She currently shares her foster home with her sister and 3 other large dogs! The busier the better she says.

Lady is outgoing and adventurous and cannot wait to be part of an active family.

Lady is going to be a large dog, her mum was 30kg staghound x mastiff and she looks on track to be a similar size.

Lady is desexed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations.

Medical Notes: When Lady was very small she broke her leg. This has healed well and doesn't trouble her day to day. The specialist doesn't expect she will require any treatment, however as this issue is existing a vet review when she is fully grown with our GAR vets is recommended and will be covered by GAR.

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