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My name is Lenny and I am just so excited to meet you (or anyone really). I am very friendly and a very sweet boy looking to make friends with anyone. During my time in foster care I’ve meet lots of dogs, a cat and even tiny people (toddlers) and I have been so well behaved meeting everyone. However, when I’m on a lead I do like to think I’m tough and bark at dogs I don’t know, but as soon as I meet this new friend I’m back to my friendly self. 

I am the ultimate lap dog, I relish cuddles and love showering my people with kisses and lots of love. I love to play with my foster brothers, even the grumpy old chihuahua who hates almost everyone, so I’m sure I can win over almost anyone. Because I’m so tiny, I’d be better suited to a smaller dog to play with, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with larger dogs and lay down and surrender. I’m a little awkward with playtime, I try to start a game of chasey but then don’t actually run, so I just stomp my feet, karate chop with my legs and pounce on my friend. So a fellow dog that doesn’t get grumpy with my unique play style (and no sense of personal space) would be perfect as a sibling. 

I’ve been working on basic commands and have been excellent at knowing my name and when to come back to you, but I’m still learning when to stop jumping and what it is to sit (I sometimes think that maybe this is stand and walking on my two hind legs). With some extra help I’m sure I can master these commands and follow your instructions very well. I am an excellent escapee, so the yard must be secure, so little holes for me to try and sneak through. I’ve even tried to dig under the fence next door to say hello to new doggo friends! 

I’d be best suited to a forever home who is happy for me to be inside, I can get a little scared and lonely outside by myself and like to be in good company. I’ve been very well behaved inside and have learnt when to go the toilet outside. I sleep very well in my dog bed (even though sometimes I like to stare at you and wait for you to welcome me into the big bed, I’m learning that human beds aren’t dog beds but will probably try to snuggle up next to you). My beautiful coat does need some looking after with regular brushing and an occasional hair cut. I would be fine at home with a brother or sister if we were left at home, but if I were an only dog I might get a little bored and find things to chew around the house, if I were an only dog I’d like someone to be home often to keep me company. 

I am guaranteed to make you smile and laugh with my quirky sense of humour, tilting my head while thinking about the world and you and lots and lots of affection. I can’t wait to find my forever family and live the perfect life with you! 

Lenny is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment. 

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