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Hi! I’m a small blue English Staffy called Lenny. I'm a well behaved doggy with a loving nature (Loveable Lenny). I'm six years old but most people think that I'm a puppy. That's because I'm quite small, cute and very friendly.


Overall I am very quiet. I seldom bark but I do like to talk to you particularly when happy or excited. My foster  parents seem quite entertained by my snorting, snuffling etc. 


What do I like? Let's start with food. While most people eat to live, I live to eat. All food tastes great to me. I'm always excited to gulp it down – but it disappears so fast! My foster parents say that I am obsessed with food. To slow down my food gulping, we play games involving food. Hide and seek is my favourite but I'm also good at Sit-Stay-Come.


I also really love sitting at cafes. I know what you're thinking, but its not because of the food. My foster parents don't let me eat cafe food- although I live in hope! What I actually love is sitting at the door greeting people as they come and go. I smile at them and wiggle with excitement. So many of them come up and pat me or give me a belly rub.


Going for walks is also great fun. I am a dog you know! I am pretty good on the lead, if I do say so myself. I sometimes pull a bit but some quick reinforcement from my foster parents sets me straight. The occasional treat for behaving helps too. On our walks I often meet other dogs. This can be exciting and can cause me to pull a little too enthusiastically so I can say hello. Despite being small for a Staffy I still try to dominate other dogs. I am getting better at this but there's still room for improvement.


I love to run off-lead but I don't often get the chance. My foster parents say I can only do this when there are no distractions. They seem to be worried that I might run onto a busy road or chase down an interesting smell and get lost. Hmmm maybe they're right. I do know about recall. I mainly come when they call me but they don't seem to understand that sometimes I'm very busy with awesome smells that might lead me to something good to eat. The good news is that I'm improving and my recall training involves food which makes me super keen to learn!


Overall I am very well behaved. I don't get up onto furniture and I never chew things or dig holes even when bored. I can be safely left unsupervised without getting up to any mischief. When I'm outside by myself I usually go to sleep in the sun or in my kennel. I have always spent nights sleeping inside and love nestling in my bed. In the cold mornings I like to get a cuddle then I'll stay snuggled up in my bed until my foster parents are ready to take me out for a walk and/or cafe visit (Lazy Lenny).


I have always been an only dog but perhaps I could live with a doggy sibling. They would need to be happy with my boisterous staffy-play and I'd have to meet them first to check out compatibility. But no cats please- they are just annoying so I have to chase them away.


Lenny is an adorable dog who will make a wonderful addition to your life. He'll need to go to a home without young children and will need to be included in the day to day life of his family. He can cope with being left alone but it is essential that this not be for extended periods. He was surrendered by his family because both parents were working and he needed more human interaction. Lenny is a well balanced dog who will reward his forever family with lots of love and fun.


Lenny is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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