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Leonardo is a sweet boy with giant paws and a possum tail. He exudes enthusiasm and approaches everything he does with a level of intensity beyond imagination.

Leonardo is independent of his humans for much of the day, taking himself off to find things which amuse him - this usually involves finding the nearest cat to tackle or play a game of chase with. Although he is shy with humans, his love of chasing wiggly things overcomes that and you can always tease him out from under the bed by giving him something to chase and pounce on. Leonardo also loves to climb his scratching tower and carry little toys around the house. After playing hard, Leonardo delights in some quiet time; a patient observer he sits and just watches the world go by.
Come bed time, this shy little character's loving nature shines. Leonardo is the first to hop onto the bed with you and purrs like a freight train. He delights in bed time pats and rolls around positioning himself so that you can scratch him in just the right spot. You know when you've done a good job as he begins kneading and suckling on the blanket to put himself to sleep.
Leonardo is a very well socialised kitten who loves to spend time with both his cat and dog friends. He connects quickly with other cats and really relies on their company and confidence to help him feel relaxed. For this reason, Leonardo is looking for a home with another friendly cat.

Leonardo is very shy around new people, you may not meet him in a meet and greet and it will take him a while to settle in a new home. He is only just now managing to show his delightful personality to his foster carers so the best type of home would be a quieter, indoor only home with people who understand it takes time for him to trust and love humans. However, once he does come out of his shell you will realise that his love is a special treat worth being patient for.

Leonardo is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments

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