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This adorable Tabby girl is Lottie! She is every bit as sweet as that gorgeous little face of hers. Her coat has a really amazing pattern too & if you look closely, you may find the number 23 etched into it’s design!

Lottie was very shy & nervous when she first came into care and used to hide away at every loud noise & sudden movement. She has always been inquisitive though, so she would poke her head out from her hiding spot after not too long. Although Lottie still has moments of nervousness, once she becomes settled & comfortable in her environment, she will come out of her shell & blossom into playful & super sweet little kitty. She does still hide/shy away when she first meets people though, so it may take a little while to see her true colours.

Lottie’s favourite toy is a feather wand & she’s so gentle & sweet even when she’s playing. She really shows her personality at playtime, forgetting all about her worries and relaxing into play mode.

Lottie currently lives with 1 other kitten, 2 cats, a dog & school aged children. At first this was a little over whelming for Lottie, but in time she has become very used to it and we think although she would be best suited to a quiet household, she will do just fine in a similar household if given the time to settle and become comfortable.

When Lottie came into care she didn’t like being held & was nervous when our hands approached her. As her trust has grown she absolutely loves full body pats & is even starting to enjoy being held. As long as she's given space and time to gain confidence with her humans she will start to show her affection. She purrs most times when you touch her & will happily curl up beside you — or if you’re lucky, she’ll choose your lap. We think in time, and a safe environment she may become more confident and comfortable with more affection. She’s come so far already in just a few short weeks in care, that we’re certain Lottie will flourish even more with the perfect forever family.

Lottie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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