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Bull Terrier X Collie

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Hi, I’m Maddie and I am a bit of a crazy goof-ball! I am about 2.5 years old and apparently a bull-Arab cross but who really knows.  I weigh about 24kgs.

I love people so much. I love pats, I will walk up to anyone at anytime if there is a chance I can have pats. I am not much of a cuddler, I have never really learned how, so I just appear awkward when trying to cuddle and tend to end up on my back for belly rubs instead. But I am happy if I can lean against you and have pats.

I get very excited to meet new people, I run around waggling my tail so happy. Given how boisterous I can get, small children might accidentally get knocked over. Therefore I think  I would be better suited to an all adult house or one with older dog savvy children. I don’t tend to jump up, I don’t really know how to be honest, but I do tend to get the zoomies. I do settle but I am just too excited when meeting new people.

I am house-trained and have not had a single accident since saying at my foster mums house. I am not very vocal when I need to go out, so you would need to keep an eye and ear out for my subtle hints, but I generally don’t need to go out overnight.

I love being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. There is nothing better than basking in the sun. I am good by myself during the day while my foster mum is at work. My foster mum leaves me food in different toys so that keeps me entertained and when I am not basking in the sunshine I tend to run around as I love to run and see what’s happening. If you are home though, I like to have access to the house, I will still spend most of my time outside but I like to be able to come in and check on you and get pats from time to time and maybe the odd treato if I’ve been good. Of an evening I like to snuggle up on my mat and snooze. I have a favourite toy, my Moo Cow and I love to snuggle it. I do tend to destroy soft toys outside, so my foster mum keeps my cow inside for me. Once it is bedtime I am happy to head into my crate and sleep until morning.

I am not a fan of water, the hose, the bath or rain. I will hide away from it where I can. I enjoy walks, but not if it’s raining. I walk well on my halti, I am even used to it now and tend to not try to get it off anymore.

Maddie loves people and is somewhat submissive with them. However, she is reactive to other dogs. Her pound notes say she is no good with cats, but this has not been tested whilst in foster care. She would be suited to a only dog home. Whilst she is making improvements in her reactions to other dogs, she is can still be reactive around other dogs and she still needs more training to improve this further. At her worst she stares, growls, barks and lunges. It is best to watch for warning signs and avoid high stress environments. Therefore, off lead dog areas and areas where there would be a high level of interaction with other dogs should be avoided at this stage. Walking is otherwise enjoyable and Maddie walks well on lead.

Maddie is a short-haired dog was not a fan of being brushed at the beginning, and she still gets a bit nervous when she’s sitting up, but if you lay her down and brush her each side, she will be very still and relaxed. She has very different markings and colours on her coat. She has a speckled white stripe down her front, from the top of her head to her belly, and speckled white toes. And of course the white tip on her tail. She has very expressive ears, (affectionately called “Dobby” ears) that tend to flop when she is super relaxed and happy. She loves having her ears scratched, and if you hit the right spot, you will get a twitch of happiness from her legs.

Overall, Maddie is just full of love and so ready to give it to the right person/family. She has been socialised with lots of her foster mums friends and family, and she loves them all. One look at her puppy dog eyes and her “Dobby” ears and she will melt your heart.

Maddie is desexed, micropchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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