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Hello! My name is Marley! If you are looking for a beautiful, bright, affectionate, energetic, dog-loving best friend then look no further

I am a one year old staffy cross. The ‘cross’ may be a bit of kelpie, perhaps a dash of pointer. It’s hard to say because my past is a mystery. Before coming to GAR I was undernourished, possibly neglected and kept entirely outside. When I got to my foster house everything was new and I had no idea how to behave indoors! I have quickly learned good house manners now.

I have already learned how to come, stay, sit, drop, roll over, heel, wait for my meals, shake, go to my bed on command, and leave it. I even have a party trick which is jumping through a hula hoop! I am a fast learner but I do sometimes decide not to follow my commands, however if there is food as a reward I'm super keen to do whatever it is you need me to do. I have made amazing progress since coming to GAR.

I am incredibly food motivated which really helps with training me! I think I might do well at agility classes and would like to continue learning new things to help keep my smart mind occupied. I'm still a puppy really and just learning how to play. I'm learning that there are many rules about what I'm allowed to play with. It seems that clothes, shoes and furniture are off limits. And for some strange reason I have to walk around furniture when it is quicker and much more fun to bound straight over it. I seem to have that sorted now but you will need have some chew toys available for me.

I am very affectionate and love people and other dogs! I like to cuddle with people as much as possible and whenever possible. I’m about 27kg but think that I am the perfect size to sit in your lap and gaze adoringly at you! When I go for walks I need to meet every dog I see. Even when other dogs snarl or nip at me, I am still super friendly towards them and don't always pick up on their signals. My foster parents say I pull too hard towards other dogs rather than approaching slowly. I'm working on not doing this and need a handler who will continue to help train me to approach dogs more appropriately.
Otherwise, I'm pretty good at walking with a loose lead and I respond well to lead corrections. When off lead I know how to come back, but I choose to ignore the recall command when there is another dog around. I don’t understand road safety yet either.

I love play dates with other dogs. My style of play involves a lot of rough and tumble. So I can only play with other dogs that like that kind of thing. Large dogs and staffies are good for me. I think I would be happy to have a dog brother or sister at my forever home although I think my energy and physical style would be too much for a small dog. Also, my foster parents say that if I had a sibling I would probably need to be fed separately. On the other hand, I could also be very content at a home without a dog sibling. This is the situation with my foster family at the moment and I'm a very happy girl. It is important to me that I find a family that is often home, willing to give me a lot of attention, keep my mind occupied and take me on long walks to help burn off my energy.

As a young dog I am still working on some of my manners. At times I still jump up on some people when I get excited. I know it's wrong and try my best not to do it, however sometimes I am just so over the moon to see you! Also, when excited I like to do zoomies and because of this and my jumping I couldn't be recommended for a family with young children.

Overall, I am the most lovely, adorable, bat-eared smoochy pooch around.

Marley is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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