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Hi, I’m Mater. I’m very loyal, intelligent and affectionate, and I’m looking for a forever home. I’m a strong dog with lots of energy so I’ll need a confident and experienced owner to keep me in line. That said, I’m really a big softy who loves to sidle up beside you for lots of pats and cuddles. I’ll even sit on your lap if you want me to, but I’m pretty heavy!

When I know we’re going for a walk I can hardly contain my excitement; bounding all around my enclosure! I love going for walks but I’m a little fearful of strange dogs, especially if they come towards me, as I was hurt by a strange dog when I was a pup. If we pass another dog out walking, I react the way they react – if they try to come towards me, I will pull towards them; but if they ignore me, I will ignore them.

I’m happy to spend my days laying in the sun, especially after we’ve gone for a walk. I’m usually very well behaved, but I may pull the rugs off my bed if I think you’re not giving me enough attention! I have learnt some basic obedience skills such as sitting and not jumping up on people. I enjoy chasing the ball and will bring it back to you. I will come when called in a controlled environment; I love being around people will happily follow you around or sit beside you.

I have very good hearing and know when a family member is coming home before they come into sight. I’m very sensitive to loud and strange noises; like many dogs I’m scared of thunder and will try to find a small place to hide.

I’ve lived with another dog for most of my life, but I haven’t had the opportunity to socialise with other pets such as cats, birds and rabbits. I think they’d be fun to chase! I much prefer people for company.

A forever home for Mater would need:

· A confident person experienced with large dogs

· Someone home a lot, able to give him plenty of love and attention

· No small children – teenagers or older (he may knock young children over when excited)

· No other pets

Mater is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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