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This little purr machine is Matthias!

He came into care with his mum and 5 other siblings. He has always been the biggest and sweetest of the litter.Matthias loves to cuddle and will make his way over to you purring the loudest he can and snuggle on your lap for a snooze or he won’t stop rubbing and asking for pats. He loves to greet you at the door when you come home, typically purring!

He is a very playful boy, loves to chase around ping pong balls, play with wand toys, uses the scratching post, runs along the couch and chases his brother around the house! Pretty much any toy you put in front of him and he’ll give it a go!

His favourite time of the day is meal time! With his squeaky meows he will follow you around when he knows his meal is being prepared. Be careful if you’re wearing long pants as he will climb up to try his luck at getting his meal early!

His love of food doesn’t stop at his own though and loves to give anything a try! His favourites are his raw meals, fish, and salmon/chicken paste treats!

This little guy would make the perfect addition to your family! He has been living with a Labrador in his foster home so he has grown up to be confident around dogs! He has spent time with cats that aren’t his brother or mum and has gotten along fine with them. He would do best in a home with another animal companion and no young kids.

Matthias is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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