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Hello! My name is Maxwell but you may also call me Maximus, Maxy or my foster mum's favourite, Maxy Boy.

I'm a young man, good looking (I mean, have you seen my soft tabby coat and pristine white socks?) and overly affectionate. You have your hand low enough to the ground? I'll smooch it! You want to give me endless belly rubs? I'll love it! You want to pick me up and carry me around? I'll nuzzle into your neck! However, I will not seek out your love, you must come to me.

I spend most of my days lazing around in the sun and will exhibit playful streaks and spurts of energy on my own accord.  I do not tend to jump onto your furniture due to some missing hip joints from a bilateral femoral osteotomies but do not let my medical history fool you, I am pain free and strut with ease!

I currently reside with two other adult cats and a kitten in my foster home. I am able to tolerate them but we often get into some feisty scuffles which makes me believe I would be best as an only cat however, I suppose I could warm up to another cat who shares a similar temperament. I'm still quite timid and do not respond well to loud or sudden noises therefore, I think I would best suit a family without any young children and a quiet environment.

I always use my litter box without issues and am still working on eating all of my food since being back in foster care. I LOVE my dry food however can be fussy, I'd much prefer my Royal Canin biscuits over some cheap Whiskars any day.

I cannot wait to meet you all!

Max is desexed microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments

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