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Hi! Millie’s my name.

I am a super outgoing little girl, nothing scares me! I love to explore every inch of the house and climb everywhere I can. I love playing with toys and running around after my foster parents. I’m looking for a family that can keep up with my energy levels and provide me with lots of attention. I'm able to entertain myself if you’re out for the day but I can’t wait for you to get home so I can follow you around and sit on your lap.

When you get home, I love pats and back scratches; I will thank you with lots of purring when you pat me. I love to climb all over you and start making biscuits in your lap. I may even try to climb up your leg as you walk down the hallway to get your attention. I also love to lick your fingers and sometimes if you have touched food, I like to nibble on them. My foster mum says I would suit a household without young children because of this.

I currently live with my brother Myles; I love playing with him. We love to cuddle up at night together on my foster mum's bed and run after all the toys together. I also have a foster dog brother, who I have warmed up too, but I only like playing with him on my terms as he’s quite big.

If you think your family would suit me, then I can’t wait to meet you.

Due to a nationwide shortage of feline vaccinations, our partnering Vets are only able to offer 2 vaccinations for the foreseeable future: at the 8–10-week mark and the 14–16-week mark. Rations apply to all cats as vets cannot guarantee how long existing stock will last.

Millie is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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