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Hi Future family,

My name is Millie! My foster mum calls me an absolute delight.

I’m fairly small for my age and I’m also pretty quiet. You won’t even know I’m there!

I am also really shy, especially with new people so I may take some time to settle in and come out of my hiding spot. Once I’m comfortable I’ll be hitting you up for all the pats. I’ll climb onto your lap while you work, or walk across your desk, just to let you know I’m there, but I’m not overly needy. I can quite happily go exploring around the house or curl up on a nice comfy chair or bed for a snooze. If there is a nice sunny spot, I’ll be there catching some zzzz’s.

Before coming into foster care, I was living with my sister Shadow and brother Smokey, so I’m used to other cats. I’m currently living with a very chilled out resident dog, I don’t like to go near him much. As I am quite timid and shy and loud noises can frighten me, I will be best suited to a home with no small children. I’m a very gentle soul and haven’t gotten my claws out once. I guess I’m more of a lover than a fighter.

My foster mum says I’m the sweetest and most well-behaved kitty cat. I’m looking for a forever home with someone who is patient and will provide me with all the love I deserve. I'm an indoor only cat and I’m great with using my litter tray.

If you are looking for a low maintenance loveable cat who will provide you with loads of affection, please apply!

Millie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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