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Hey, my name’s Mimmie! Who says females can’t pull off a tuxedo? I like to think that I look darn good in it. My previous owners couldn’t take me along with them when they moved so they left me in a pound. I lived there for slightly more than a year until GAR took me in. I was hesitant at first, but now I know that it was the best day ever! I can say that I’ve settled into domestic life really well. I’m a curious cat and I’ll explore your house in no time.

I love zooming around my foster mum’s house. I’m quite an independent girl as I do know how to entertain myself while my foster mum goes off to work. My hobbies include playing soccer with my toy mouse/ a scrunched up paper ball, napping on the couch/ under a blanket and spying on people through the windows.

I’d like to go to a home without dogs. I get along fine with other cats and older kids. Although I’m not keen on being picked up, I love to sit near or on my foster mum’s lap while she’s chilling. I purr a lot and have a really unique “meow”. I love to knead my favourite fleece blanket or you if you happen to wear a fleece jumper. I also like to playfully nip my humans sometimes, but I’d never bite them.

I have a deformed lower jaw and that makes me drool a little sometimes. Guess that makes me even more unique. I’m fully litter trained.

Mimmie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

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