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My name is Misha, aren't I cute?
I came into foster care at 9 months old and pregnant. I gave birth to 3 amazing kittens, 2 boys and a girl. Two of them have already been adopted and I now live with my boy Mira who is also on the hunt for his forever family!
We have a great time together, we play all day chasing each other. I'd love my new house to have another resident cat so I can play with them too. I'm not really sure about dogs though, I haven't been able to meet one while in foster care so my foster family think it's best I go to a home with no dogs or with a very gentle placid dog who won't try to chase me.
My foster home has an 8 year old boy, we have an amazing relationship. I love sitting on his lap while he watches tv. So far I've liked all the kids I've met, I understand their excitement when they see my cute face so I will be fine to go to a home with other kids there.
My foster mum says I'm not that smoochy but I always follow her everywhere and I like to sit in a cozy sunny spot and watch her doing housework. I sometimes sit under her office table and play with her feet when she's too busy to play  with me. I'm still quite independent so I'm good at keeping myself entertained.
As mentioned, I'm not overly playful with my foster humans but when it comes to cat toys, did someone say laser light?!

My foster mum says I'm a bit fussy with food, I've decided seafood is my favourite. She says fussy, I say it's good taste.

Misha is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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