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Hey there!

This is Misty, and she is looking for the perfect forever family. Misty is about 6 years old, maybe a little older, but she definitely doesn’t seem a day older than 2! Misty is a fairly active girl, she loves to do zoomies, chase birds, go for walks and most of all play with her squeaky toy! She goes crazy for a good squeaky toy! Her forever home must allow her squeaky toys, she just won’t be happy without them.

When Misty isn’t playing around, she can be found sunbaking, napping or begging for food. Misty was fed predominantly human table scraps in her previous home which made her a little on the chunky side. While in foster Misty has lost a little bit of weight but will need to continue to lose a little bit more and will need to cut down on the human food treats, much to her disgust.

Misty has been in foster care with a large mastiff as a foster brother but was originally an only dog. While Misty is good with other dogs of all sizes, she does not share her space well and doesn’t seek out another dog’s company or play with them. Misty is possessive of her food, toys, bed and humans around other dogs. We have been working on this and she has improved so much since she came into care, but we feel Misty would be best in a forever home either with no other dogs or a really calm, independent and easy going dog. Misty is very much a people dog and would much rather spend her time with her humans than another dog. When it comes to people, Misty does put on that typical Chihuahua defensive bark and growl when meeting new people. She will act very tough and scary by barking at strangers but will run and hide when they approach her. We have been working on this and found the best way to win her over is to play with a squeaky toy with her or give her treats but because of her diet we don’t use treats too much. Once Misty gets to know you, she is very sweet, loves to cuddle under the blanket with you and loves to play.

Misty hasn’t had much training and doesn’t really know much, she isn’t very motivated and has been a little difficult to train but she does know how to sit (most of the time), walk well on the lead, go on her bed, wait before going out the door/gate and is crate and toileted trained. Misty does need to work on her recall in larger spaces, she does have a little bit of terrier in her so if she finds a rodent smell or sees a bird, she will be off!

Now being a white dog Misty does have some allergies and is more prone to sun damage. Misty appears to have allergies to grass, she has been on a dose of steroids to help her itchy skin and it improved heaps. We now manage her allergies by using oatmeal-based shampoo, wiping her down daily with an un-scented baby wipe or damp cloth and then putting an oatmeal cream on her belly and legs. This has helped keep her itchy skin at a comfortable level, obviously if she can avoid grass that would be a bonus too and during Spring/Summer time we imagine it would be worse. On sunny days Misty will need sunscreen on her ears, nose and belly to keep her protected from sun damage as she does love to sunbake.

Misty is a nervous dog and would be best suited to a quieter home with no young children or loud noises. Her ideal home would be with someone who is home more often than not, must be allowed inside, could have another super easy going dog or cat and take her on daily walks and love to play.

Misty is microchipped, desexed and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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