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7 Year(s) 7 Month(s)





Microchip #:


MJ - FEMALE - 10 YEARS OLD - MICROCHIP #956000005892055
DJ - FEMALE - 6 YEARS OLD - MICROCHIP # 956000006271709

The story of Jo and Jo now known as MJ - Molly Jo & DJ – Dolly Jo

These girls are a bonded pair. That bonded they arrived with the same name. Both called Jo. The carer added the Molly and Dolly. MJ was lost as a young cat for about 4 months. In that time their owner went and adopted DJ and called her Jo also. No sooner had the new Jo arrived the old Jo came home. So, it was Jo and Jo. The girls bonded quickly and have been each other’s constant companion for many years. Sadly, their dad passed away and the girls found themselves in need of some help. In came GAR to avoid them being separated in a rural shelter and risk being euthanised.

This lovely medium haired girl has the gentlest nature with the sweetest meow to match. She loves a good cuddle and pat session with a regular light brush. She loves sleeping inside things. She has her dad’s sleeping bag she scrambles into for serious slumber otherwise her seat in the window to watch the garden and catch some afternoon sunshine is her favourite place to be. She is not playful but is the easiest company. Her diet involves a mix of Blackhawk dry with some Hills ID as her tummy can be a little sensitive when you feed her just anything. Wet food a sachet a day of Felix is all she needs as her level of exercise is rather low in her sedate style of living. Too much wet and her tummy will unsettle. She has grown to trust her foster cares but still very untrusting of the dogs. She watches DJ socialise with them but will only leave her room for zoomies when she knows the dogs are in bed and she will not have to deal with them. A home without dogs would be ideal for these girls so MJ can blossom and live a stress-free life. Since having access to the enclosure MJ has had the opportunity to observe the dogs and has become much better with them but really would prefer a home for just herself and DJ.

This torti girl is one of the sweetest torti’s her foster carer has met. DJ is reserved at first but a scratch near the base of her tail and she is yours. She is very protective of her best friend MJ. She is very in tune with her. DJ has become a very confident girl around the foster family’s super cat cool dogs. MJ - Molly Jo however is not very trusting of them so a home without dogs would be so supportive of both the girls. DJ has made great friends with a male cat in the foster home but has tried to pull rank on the females therefore a home without cats so the girls can call their new home theirs would be the best outcome we are seeking for them. At night DJ loves to have the run of the house and will climb into your arms or bed for a snuggle just to show her appreciation and love. We have noticed she gravitates to the male in the house for affection which is not that surprising considering her past owner was male. She has moments of needing to bust out a zoomy which is rather short lived & funny to hear. She will chirp away to you and follow you about for company then in a blink she has decided to nap with MJ. She shares her love around perfectly. DJ is a bit of a plant chomper. A home with indoor plants needs to be aware of what is safe for cats and what is not.

These lovely little ladies share the same diet, bowls, bed most the time and it is lovely watching them interact. The girls have their own covered litter boxes and are very well toilet trained. DJ has a spot close by to MJ she retreats to for naps during the day. This way she can keep an eye on her girlfriend. They both love to be under the covers or inside their sleeping bag and have been known to break into the wardrobe seeking a nice dark place to nap in. They have a cat stand and a yoga mat to claw at if they feel inclined so if they are given a place to claw, they will leave objects and furnishings alone. Very respectful girls indeed. They are inside cats who have learnt to appreciate the cat enclosure to bask in the sun and get the air in their hair. They ask for very little other than their diet be watched, love be showered on them, a gentle brush, and a nice big window to watch from. The humans they seek would be an older couple or single person

with a routine they can drop into, kids are too much for them as are loads of visitors. They both love men and I am sure they miss their man human as they both gravitate to the man in our house especially DJ.

MJ & DJ are desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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