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Mouse is a small cat with a big personality. He's curious and interested in what you do, and makes a great companion and likes to hangout with you, especially in the bathroom (he loves to drink from the running tap and doesn't mind a bit of water on him). He still has his kitten playfulness, and loves to play with toys, and will keep you entertained for ages.

After a good play session, he'll curl up next to you and enjoys a good head rub. If you've been gone, he'll be the smooochiest boy around when he sees you again! He might even fall right off the couch or bed because he's rolling around trying to get your attention, he's so happy.

Due to his kitten-like playfulness, he still has a few manners to improve. When playing, he sometimes forgets that limbs and hands are not toys and can get a bit rough. For this reason he might not be the right fit for a home with young children.

He's a playful smoocher, and will make a lucky person a great companion.

Mouse has been de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea/worm treatments.

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