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Mr Skittles 





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This is Mr Skittles and he is a very, very special old man!

Mr Skittles is 14 years old and he came into care this year. I can’t imagine it would be easy for an elderly cat to be surrendered into an unknown environment but he’s taken it so well. He has spent his time with me smooching and cuddling, eating and making himself very comfortable next to me on the couch.

Mr Skittles, affectionately known as Mr S, wants to be number 1 in the house hold and unfortunately, he doesn’t get along at all with his foster siblings. He wants to be king of the castle and at the grumpy old man age of 14, that’s totally understandable.

Being 14 doesn’t come without it’s challenges and Mr Skittles is well aware of this. Recently diagnosed with a heart murmur, he takes (three types of) medication daily. Luckily it goes very smoothly when it’s hidden in his favourite snack, chicken and he is none the wiser.
Having some medical issues doesn’t come without costs unfortunately, however GAR has committed to subsidising the necessary medication. It will be an ongoing commitment with Mr S, including regular vet visits and his new family must be aware of this.

If you’re thinking that Mr S could live out the rest of his days with you, smooching, staring into each other's eyes, sharing your bed and couch, your snacks and heart, please take the time to fill out his application and meet him, he’ll be 100% sure to steal your heart, and food.

Mr Skittles is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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