Mr Skittles

Mr Skittles 





17 Year(s) 7 Month(s)





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Meet Mr S! He’s a loving old boy that spends most of his time following humans around and lazing about in the sun. Mr Skittles loves a cuddle and smooch on the couch or in bed. He can also be quite chatty, often chirping away to you while you do your cooking, cleaning or washing!

He has been thriving in an only cat household, where he gets all the attention, doesn’t need to protect his food and isn’t bothered by any younger animals. He is incredibly adaptable and settled into a new environment straight away. He is very trusting and friendly to new people and visitors, especially if they give him some attention or food! He would be best suited to a household with no other cats.
Mr S takes a few medications, which is unsurprising given his age, but it’s super easy to give them to him in his breakfast and dinner - probably because he loves food! He’s been known to steal some your dinner if you aren’t watching! GAR is willing to help his new family out financially by covering his ongoing necessary medication costs. He does need semi regular trips to the vet due to his heart murmur - but is great in the car and friendly to the vets, so this isn’t a chore either!
If you’re looking for a smoochy, kind hearted and loving cat please take the time to fill out his application and meet him, he’ll be 100% sure to steal your heart, and your food!

Mr Skittles is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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