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Hi, my name is Myles I’m a sweet curious young boy and I can’t wait it meet my forever family!

I’m a quiet kitten who loves to hide and play. You’ll find me wandering around the house playing with my toys or sleeping on a comfy bed. When you first meet me, I may be shy and a bit scared as I hadn’t had a home before I was in foster care. I love my foster parents and people I have met before, but I can be a bit nervous with new people although I quickly warm up to them. I love pats and for you to play with me. I haven’t met young kids before but would be happy to if they are gentle and play with me a lot.

I currently live with my sister Millie and love playing with her. We love to cuddle up at night together on our foster parents bed and run after all the toys together. I also have a foster dog brother; I’m still warming up to him though and like to keep my distance.

I love being in the presence of my foster family, but I would also be great on my own if you were out for the day. When you come home, I like to sit right on top of you to show you how much I missed you, I’m super affectionate and loving. My foster mum says I’m a lady’s man and everyone who meets me loves me.

I can’t wait to meet you and hope you can give me a forever-loving home.

Due to a nationwide shortage of feline vaccinations, our partnering Vets are only able to offer 2 vaccinations for the foreseeable future: at the 8–10-week mark and the 14–16-week mark. Rations apply to all cats as vets cannot guarantee how long existing stock will last.

Millie is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

**Medical Note: Myles has a unique condition that gives him an endearing underbite. Due to this, he has undergone a procedure to remove his four baby canine teeth as they were poking into his gums causing ulcers. There's a possibility that his adult canine teeth may also need removal when they come in. But don't worry! GAR is committed to ensuring Myles gets the best care. As part of the adoption agreement, GAR will cover all expenses related to the dental surgery if it is required, provided Myles is taken to GAR's selected vet. Special Requirements: Myles may need a little extra TLC during his recovery from dental surgery. Soft food and gentle playtime will be essential as he heals. His forever home should be prepared to continue monitoring his dental health with regular check-ups.

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