2 Year(s)




Staghound mix

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Little miss Nala is looking for her forever family!

Nala is named after Nala from the Lion King and she really does live up to the name. She is brave and confident and loves getting into mischief, or going on adventures as she would like to call it. Nala is a very goofy, fun, happy go lucky little pup who loves to play with her foster brother, chew sticks, chase balls, play tug-o-war and do very uncoordinated zoomies, she is still growing into those big feet of hers. Nala is also very sweet, she loves to cuddle and always tries to climb into your lap. I am sure she will still try to do that even once she is fully grown and way too big.

Nala knows how to sit and go in her crate when asked, most of the time. Nala is almost fully toilet trained, she is pretty good at taking herself outside but does do excited wees. Her excited wees happen the most, when you get home and first thing in the morning, we do expect her to grow out of it as she gets older. Nala sleeps through the whole night in her crate without a peep, she generally goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 7am. If she needs to go to the toilet during the night, she will whine a little to let you know.

Nala is a fairly confident little pup who loves making new friends but being such a big puppy, she can be over baring and too much for smaller dogs. She is still learning to calm down and not be so crazy when she meets them. Since Nala will be a large dog once fully grown, we think another large doggy friend for her would be best. Another dog to teach her manners and not let her jump all over them like her foster brother does.

Nala can be a little bit sooky and doesn’t like being left alone for very long but has been handling it a lot better as she gets older. She does love to have another dog friend to keep her company while her humans are out. Nala’s forever home will need another large doggy friend and a backyard to run a muck in. She is good with little humans and cats but do keep in mind that she is a big friendly puppy that will only get bigger so dog savvy kids and cats would be best for her. Nala still has a lot of things to learn and experience so, she will need a family ready to teach her and show her how fun the world is!

She can’t wait to meet you!

Nala is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with all vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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