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My name is Nina and I am a gentle, loving and affectionate girl. I am best friend material and would like to be your constant companion please. My foster mum says that I am an “absolute delight” (she’s going to miss me lots).

Whilst the team at GAR don’t know much about my previous home, they have been told by the vet that I have had a litter of puppies. Given how young I am, they think I probably ended up at the pound shortly after I’d finished raising them.

I have lots of amazing qualities, but there are a couple of things that I wanted to get out of the way first- as they may be ‘deal-breakers’ for some readers:

1.     I have SEVERE separation anxiety which has resulted in quite a bit of destruction/ demolition in my foster home. I have been here about 4 weeks now and have already improved significantly.

2.     I am an escape artist. I am incredibly athletic and can jump tall fences easily.

My good qualities

-       Easy to train (I am highly intelligent and eager to please). I love to be a good girl, and I will try to do anything you want in order to be told I am one.

-       Amazing with other dogs. My foster brothers have really helped to settle my separation anxiety. I especially love my foster brother Patch, who is a gentle and submissive Bull Arab. I like wrestling with him, and we share a love of napping.

-       Great with cats.

-       Great with people of all ages- the youngest I’ve met was 18months and the oldest was 80 years (they both gave me lots of food which I thought was the best!)

-       I am a pleasure to transport. I love car rides and will happily curl up on the backseat and sleep. My foster mum has taken me to work with her (at a vet clinic) and she says I have been a really good girl. I used to cry when she left the room, but I have stopped doing that now that I trust she will come back.

I need:

-       A secure yard.

-       Someone (single/ couple/ family etc.) who is home more often than not, or who is able to take me to work with them.

-       Someone who will include me as part of the family for the rest of my life. I will not cope with being treated as ‘just a dog’ or being left out in the yard.

-       Someone who can commit to continuing my training and working on my separation anxiety. This person needs to understand that anxiety is not a behaviour, and work on building my confidence rather than punishing me for my actions. There are no quick fix solutions.

-       At least one other doggy friend. Preferably one who is a bit submissive, as I will likely be very possessive of the humans when I first arrive in my new home.

Nina is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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