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Norah is a special little lady who has been in foster care since October 2020.  When Norah first arrived, she was in some desperate need of loving care; timid, shy and terribly afraid of every little thing and every single human.

They say “time heals” and it seems to be true for Norah.  Since coming into care she has been fully vet-worked (full bill of health!) and slowly, slowly socialised.

Currently, Norah lives with three other adult cats, two kittens and two (rather energetic) dogs.  Initially this was all a bit overwhelming for her, but in time, she has slowly adjusted and will now engage with other pets.

Norah’s ideal house could contain another cat, with a similar nature – she would not do well in a house where she would be routinely dominated by another pet.  A cat savvy dog may be okay as long as they were supervised.

Due to Norah’s heightened flight response, she will need to be a strictly indoor cat.  If she were let outside, there is a high probability she would never return home.

When it comes to people, Norah will allow pats at food time.  She does enjoy a good butt scratch.  Occasionally she will let her guard down an purr.  If, however, you are after an instant lap cat, Norah is not the little lady for you.

Even after six months in care, she still runs from her foster parents if they approach (and it’s not dinner time).  She is not keen on forced affection and will not tolerate pats, preferring to find a safe space to hide.

Some of the things she enjoys are watching the outside world from the windows and playing with toys – she loves to bat smaller toys around the floor, especially when she things no one is watching.

Considering the amazing progress Norah has shown since coming into care, once she settles into her forever home, she may continue to blossom and come out of her shell.  Her new family needs to know that this will take time and must be patient with her.

Norah is a lovely little lady and she looks forward to (maybe) meeting you.

Norah is desexed, microchipped and up to date with worm and flea treatments.

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