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Meet Olive!

What can I say about this girl? She came into care with her SIX kittens, she was tiny and her little body was thin. She has now said “goodbye my loves” to her kittens and settled into a desexed lifestyle. She did her best being a mother but after having 6 sets of claws, 6 sets of sharp teeth and six little ones after all your milk, you could say she was ready for a well-deserved break.

Olive is looking for a lifetime friend or two who can offer her security and commitment. Funny enough she chose a maintenance workshop at a very busy school to birth her family and was happy to keep them there with the men who cared for her in the first couple of weeks. They fondly called her Rags due to her walking in one morning and birthing her kittens on a pile of rags on the floor calling it her new home. Her foster mum called her Olive – Olive Oil but still gets called Rags and answers to both. She is just delightful and easy company. A low maintenance best friend right here in this beautiful girl.

Olive is an easy beautiful girl with stunning eyes and glossy black fur. She loves her routine & has her favourite spot in the house. Her foster brother kitty knows not to mess with her spot as she's the made it clear she's the boss. She would be okay as an only kitty but would also do well in a home with another feline friend that acknowledges the hierarchy. She has her favourite places to lounge and let me tell you this girl lounges glamorously like she was born to just lounge.

She is still unsure about dogs but will take one down if she feels threatened. Her fear is minimal. She once walked up to her foster brother blue heeler while he was sleeping and gave him a clawless jab cross hook just so he knew she was capable of assassination. If you stand on her tail, she will hold no grudge... after she's given you some sass. She has no rythme or rhyme to her play style, which leads to lots of entertainment for her foster hoomans.

She loves being wherever her hooman is, but she is not an up in your grill kind of girl. She chirps away and the just appreciates good company. Olive loves her scratchy pole and cardboard scratcher and is respectful of the furniture and carpet.

Her diet is simple, she prefers only dry food. Olive has had a sensitive tummy when nursing kittens however that has all settled down now. A high sided litter tray is recommended as she does not have the best aim. The secret here and she prefers 2 trays to separate her business, a clean lady we like to say. She has shown no interest in any wet food, so she sticks to her Royal Canin & Hills dry food to be on the safe side. She knows what works best for her. She is not an overeater, grazes all day and has lovely manners. Her special treat is a little poached chicken but not too often.

She would be too much for little people due to her don’t get mad get even attitude. Her ideal human/s would be adult, someone who works from home or has a good routine she can slot into as she is okay if alone for long periods of time. She will try and bolt out the door to dance around the garden like Julie Andrew so an outdoor cat enclosure she can access when she wants would be perfect.

Olive is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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