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Hello! My name is Oreo.  I am a gorgeous, cuddly, black and white ball of fluff.  I was born in foster care and currently living with my mum Lolli and brother Mars.  I have also been living with my foster family who has a young child, 2 dogs, and another 2 cats.  I am very adaptable to living with other pets, and I would prefer another fur sibling for company.

I am an energetic little boy who loves to play.  I like to explore open cupboards and play rough and tumble with my brother.  My foster mum thinks I can be a little cheeky at times because I like to play in the water bowls around the house, sitting in them and having lots of fun.  I like to play with, and pounce on anything that moves, this includes ping pong balls, cat toys with feathers, string, balls and bells.  Another one of my favourite things to do is climbing, hiding, sleeping and playing on our large cat scratching tower.

I also like some down time and snuggling up on the laps of my foster mum and child.  I am more cuddly and a bit quieter than my brother, but we have very similar personalities.  I know the sound of food time… I come running when I hear the sound of the fridge or pantry door open.

I am medium haired which means I will need to be brushed regularly to keep my coat soft and fluffy.

I am looking for a loving home to call my forever family, I too have lots of love to give.

Oreo is desexed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

***Oreo will need his 3rd vaccination on 22/03/2021***


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