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Bull Arab Cross

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Patrick, or Pat-a-cake as he is affectionately known is a charming and gentle 'old soul' with just the right amount of puppy cheekiness.

Patrick has a quiet and timid nature in new situations but when he's familiar with his people and the environment he becomes an engaging and playful puppy.

A gentle soul, Patrick would much rather cuddle with his people than be off adventuring on his own; he would hate to miss the opportunity to do something with you.

Patrick's obedience training is going well, he knows how to sit and come and is slowly learning lead walking etiquette. Although we must note that Patrick is not an aspiring jogger. His idea of a walk involves a lot of flopping on his side in the grass and rolling around. A slow meander with flop time is more Patrick's style.

Patrick is used to an indoor- outdoor lifestyle and sleeps like an angel inside in his crate overnight. His favourite thing is a cheeky cuddle on the couch... evenings are for family in Patrick's mind. He is doing well with toilet training but still needs to be taken outside on a regular schedule.

Patrick needs a dedicated owner who will help him get used to new people and places while he is still very young. Lots of outings to quiet environments and introductions with patient people to gradually build his confidence would do him a world of good.

Patrick loves the company of other dogs so a confident and friendly canine companion would make him a very happy boy. He currently lives with 4 other dogs and gains a lot of confidence from his puppy pals.

Patrick also lives with cats and has learnt very quickly that they are not for chasing.

Patrick is going to be a very big boy if his feet are anything to go by, we anticipate he could be on his way to 40kg.

Patrick is desexed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations.

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