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Bull Arab X

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Hello, I’m Paul… I’m a little shy, so please be calm and gentle when we meet, bobbing down to my level and giving me lots of pats and some treats so I know we are truely friends. At only 14 weeks of age, I am already a big puppy, (bigger than my foster brothers) so I’m expected to be a large breed of dog when I grow up. I am young and still learning my size, so I have been prone to get under your feet when I say hello and that jumping is not okay. Because of this I am not suited to a home that has elderly people or young children in the home, however I would love some older children to regularly play with.

My foster family has begun basic obedience training and socialisation. I am quite scared when being introduced new sounds and circumstances for the first time. On my first walk I was very scared. So scared that I didn’t want to move, I stood there and refused to walk, it was only with some gentle encouragement (and treats) that I slowly built confidence to walk around the blog with my sister and my foster parents. I still find cars are little scary and want to run the other way. I currently respond to my name and sit on command, however at puppy school I have been distracted and find it difficult to follow your commands when there are just so many dogs to say hello to, I will need to continue to work on my focus to you and following your direction. My foster family must be prepared to continue my socialisation and puppy schooling to build my confidence and understanding of basic commands.

As I am a bit timid, my nerves can sometimes get the better of me when travelling in the car and I can be car sick from time to time. My foster care has made an effort to make the car a safe space by having short drives in the car, popping in the car with encouragement and kind words to make sure it doesn’t feel so scary. I would love my new family to continue to help me understand that the car and the world isn’t such a big scary place.

My new home must have plenty of room for me to play with toys and regular playtime with my family and other dogs. When I am bored I am creative in finding my own fun, finding things in the backyard to play my own games with, running and jumping and finding new toys. I am however prone to digging in the backyard, and finding new things to climb on (like outdoor settings) so my new family must keep me occupied and have regular playtime and engagement with me (whilst being patient in teaching me that there are better toys that digging a hole). I am a bit of a couch potato anyway, so with regular playtime, walks and socialisation I will probably sleep most of the day anyway. I am very good at putting myself to bed and knowing where my space is.

I have had regular playtime with puppies and other dogs, I love meeting other dogs and am very gentle in meeting you dogs, however I’m learning that some dogs don’t really want to play, so their signals that tell me to back off don’t really register as of yet. My new family will need to be prepared to read these signals during playtime and help me to learn.

In foster care I have really relied on my sister for confidence as I am quite timid, I would love for my new family to have another dog in the home who I can look to for confidence and reassurance, however is very patient with my learning of social cues and doesn’t mind sharing a bed for a cuddle.

I have slept inside in foster care with open access to the backyard and have adjusted well to toilet training, I have made a couple of mistakes inside when the weather has been rainy but have continued to be well behaved inside with supervision and understanding where my space is in the house, I am very good at staying in my bed and coming over for a pat and a cuddle when you please.

I am such a sweet boy who can’t wait to meet my forever family and give you lots of love.

I am microchipped, desexed and up to date with my vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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