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Hey there! My name is Poppy and I'm a 20-month-old greyhound who often gets mistaken for a Tassie Tiger with my unique harlequin markings!

I'm very sweet and affectionate and I loooovvvveee couches, beds, mats... anything I can have a good snooze on!

I love people but can sometimes get so excited I jump for hugs and kisses but will calm down very quickly when I have had my share of love.

I take a while to feel comfortable around other dogs and I’m quite intimidated by more assertive dogs. For this reason, I’m best suited to be the only dog in the house or housed with another calm and passive dog.

I require some additional basic training including lead training, house training and basic manners, but I’m a very quick learner and love being mentally challenged! I have even learnt some commands with my foster carer.

I am a classy dog, but I will give you attitude when I want your attention. My attitude comes in the form of a cry or a bark to tell you I haven’t received my pats or walkies! Otherwise, I’m a quiet and soft-spoken greyhound.

I love going on walks and I'm getting used to not pulling. After my walk you'll find me on my bed asleep!

I’m fine with children, but I can't be rehomed with cats or smaller animals such as rabbits due to my former training as a racer.

I can get some 'sloppy poops' if my diet is irregular, and I sometimes get patchy fur due to my greyhound genes. For these reasons, I require consistent, higher quality food and regular brushing. I also benefit from skin and fur supplements.

What I think you'll love the most about me is my chattering teeth when I want to say, 'I LOVE YOU!'

Poppy is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea, and worm treatments.

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