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Poppy is a very friendly, playful and goofy girl. She loves all people and constantly looks at strangers on walks just hoping someone will give her attention. She is a little too friendly sometimes and does jump up at you but has been learning not to and is doing really well. She does know that she has to sit nicely to get pats, she will then flop on her back for tummy rubs. Poppy is very eager to please and loves food so has been easy to train.

She didn’t know much when coming into care so has learnt all she knows in the last few weeks and has picked up on it all very quickly. Poppy does know how to sit, wait, wait for her food, go in her crate when asked, walk well on the lead and has been doing extremely well with her recall training. Her jumping has been the hardest for her to control as she just loves people so much but she has improved a lot but this is something her new family will need to continue to work on with her.

Poppy has met a wide variety of other dogs while being in care and is very social, she loves making friends and having a good play. So, a doggy friend of similar size or larger is a must for her forever home. As Poppy is still relatively young she has been destructive when bored but she has only ever chewed a peg or pieces of plastic left out by her foster parents. She is generally pretty good and will only chew her toys and sticks, she loves sticks. If Poppy has a friend to play with she is far less destructive.

Poppy does have some weird toilet habits, she will sometimes toilet in odd places. Usually, the garden bed or right at the gate or sometimes right at the back door. This is usually when the grass is wet or she is expecting food soon so, she doesn’t want to go to far from the door just in case she might miss out. Most of the time she is really good and will toilet in one area on the grass, which makes clean up easy. When Poppy first came into care her toilet habits were all over the place and it took her a little bit to figure out the appropriate places to go. Her forever family will need to give her time to find the right areas and be ok with the fact she might have an accident or 2 before she finds her way around her new home.

Poppy is a longer haired dog and will need regular grooming to maintain her coat, she is pretty good when being brushed but does think the brush is a toy sometimes and wants to play. Her forever family will need to brush her regularly and take her to a groomer when her fur gets too long. Her coat is more wiry than fluffy so can knot easy if not brushed regularly.

We would love for Poppy to have an active forever family, one to take her on hikes and adventures and include her as a part of the family. Poppy will need to live with another playful dog, no cats or pocket pets, she can live with kids but preferably older kids due to Poppy’s jumping and she will need a nice back yard to run amuck in. Poppy is crate trained and does best sleeping in her crate at night, so will ideally need her forever family to provide her with a crate to sleep in.

Poppy is roughly 50cm tall to her shoulders and weighs about 15kgs. She is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

She looks forward to meeting you!

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