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Cancel your Netflix Subscription - there is a new entertainer in town.

My name is Possum, my foster folks call me Possi-Baby when I’m feeling cute. I keep myself occupied by playing lots with my sister Pippi and taking naps in the afternoon sun. After a few solid swings around the scratching post I like to sit on my foster mums lap, table and laptop to make her work as little as possible and focus on the more important things in life: ME.
TV nights are my favourites, that’s when I can cuddle and fall sleep on my foster parents chest until they fall asleep as well. I die for a good, long belly rub, this tinkling thing on a string and a little bit of pumpkin mixed into my cat food on Sundays.

If you like I will happily keep you company when you work from home, prepare food in the kitchen and only give you mild stares if you let me into the bathroom while showering.

I would be very excited to move into my forever home together with my sister and partner in crime Pippi or another cat to keep me company.

Over the time I got very used to our neighbours dog barking and was fairly curious when we got doggo-visits from friends however I still haven’t figured out how those big fluffy barking things work so I’ll be a little shy.

I’m a happy, adventurous little kitten and I’ll give you all purrs, cuddles and a free entertainment program once I’ve gotten to know you better.

Possum is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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