Pugsley & Wednesday - *Bonded Pair*

Pugsley & Wednesday - *Bonded Pair* 

GAR1695 & 1696




5 Month(s)





Microchip #:


This dynamic duo are ready to find their forever homes!

Pugsley is a super sweet and affectionate little man who demands your attention. He is very playful and loves to chase a toy. Pugsley is super energetic and loves to play chasey and wrestle with his sister. Often you will find Pugsley at your feet or holding on to your arm begging for snuggles.

Wednesday is a little more laid but and very much the independent girl. While she loves a good smooch, she much prefers to hang out with you on her own terms. She is not quite the clinger her brother is and loves to explore. They are both very curious little cats and require a lot of stimulation to keep them from being destructive.

While they have been in foster care, they have been exposed to children, dogs and other cats and are quite tolerant, but do not let that fool you. These two love to be the centre of attention and ideally need a home where they are the only pets and have plenty of room to play and wrestle.

Both Pugsley and Wednesday are toilet trained, desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea & worm treatment.

1695 PUGSLEY – MCHIP 956000010899639

1696 WEDNESDAY – MCHIP 956000010903254

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