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Microchip #:

Hello prospective family. I am a 23 week old, male, black cat. I have a beautiful soft black coat with very faint lighter black stripes amongst darker black fur. Or is it darker black stripes on faintly lighter black fur. Maybe you could come and meet me and tell me your opinion? I am friendly and enjoy coming up to give you kisses and messing with any work you attempt to do. I used to be a bit skinny when I came into care but now I'm wonderfully sleek just as a kitten deserves to be.

I moved in with my current foster family when I was 23 weeks old along with my foster sister Tiffany. We are super friendly with each other. I would do well to be adopted by someone who has a LOT of time to spend with me, or is willing to adopt my foster sister Tiffany also, or perhaps someone who already has one sociable cat to keep me company. Otherwise I will just have to talk to you and oh my gosh I have so much to say.

I like children, the youngest I've met was 3 and they were nice and gentle when they played with me. I've socialized with kittens from one litter besides my own and we all got used to each other again within about 2 days. So what I'm wondering is: do you have a household that needs a kitten (or more) to be complete? I (and maybe my sister) would love to become your companion for life. My life that is, and I'm hoping to make it to 20

I've always been an indoor cat and I am litter trained.

Quirin is desexed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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