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My name is Reginald, but my friends call me Reggie. I’ve been in care with GAR for the past few weeks as a private surrender, unfortunately I’ve missed my little pack a lot but I’ve slotted into foster life with my foster brothers well and love my routine of walks, dinner time and lots of pats, now I’m really looking forward to finding the right home for me. 

I’m a very timid boy who can get scared easily, so it’s important for me to know where safe spaces are in the house just for me, like my bed or a blanket. I am quite cautious with new people and run away if I feel like someone is coming towards me, so a house that is full of noise and young children isn’t suitable for me, I’d prefer a quieter house with adults or older children and a friendly dog as a best friend, preferably someone who is home often so I can keep you company by being at your side. I love to be around you and wag my tail while you do jobs around the house or work at your desk, I’m just happy to be where you are. 

I am an indoor dog and very used to giving you lots of cuddles on the couch and even trying to sneak into your bed to wish you goodnight, though I’m learning that this space isn’t for me. I am toilet trained but will need some time to settle into a new space and know where to go to the toilet and sometimes need reminding that I need to go outside so if you give me a routine I’m very happy to do as I’m told. I have a bit of a sensitive gut which has led me to making mistakes in the shelf, but with eating foods that don’t upset my tummy I haven’t made a mistake in the house since, my foster parents can tell you what is okay for me to eat. I can be very sneaky at climbing on tables and chairs when no one is looking, sometimes just to look out the window to see when you’re coming home, but I respond very well to being told no and am learning that it’s not okay for me to do this. 

I’ve grown up with and have always been in houses where there are other dogs present, I’m a lot more confident with a friend to show me that the big wide world isn’t such a scary place, so a friendly fellow doggo is perfect for me to be best friends with. I’m currently living with a cat and I’m really not too phased by cats at all, I’d rather hang out with my dog friend anyway. I need some training of how to walk on a lead, I just get so excited to see and smell so many things that I can get distracted by the world, but I promise to always stick by you. I love to meet lots of dogs at the park and am very good with recall so if I run away to say hello, it will only take a quick call of “Reggie” for me to come running to your side with a big smile on my face. My exposure to new noises and fast things is fairly new, like skateboards and trains, but with some continual exposure and letting me know that everything is normal and okay, I can trot a lot with you without a care in the world. 

I may take a little while to warm to you, get used to my surroundings and also go for walks without being scared, but if you’re patient with me and give me lots of pats and words of encouragement, I’m sure I will be the best companion you’ve ever met. 

I'm ready to meet my forever family!

Reginald is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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