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Japanese Chin

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Ria ~ Japanese Chin ~ 12yo Female ~ $250

Hey, my name is Ria!

Don’t let my size fool you, I’m 2kgs of pure sass ?‍♀️
The house I currently oversee has other resident pooches which I just adore, I love playing (gently) and enjoy cuddling up to them at nap time. I would like to go to a home where there is a submissive dog.

I LOVE cuddles and head scratches from my humans so I definitely would like my new home to have someone around more often than not. My foster mum calls me gremlin because of the noises I make when I’m receiving pats or want your attention.

Dinner time is my favourite time. Like most little old ladies I enjoy dinner promptly at 5pm! I get the zoomies at dinner time and will definitely let you know when that is, I’m just thoughtful like that.

I really love getting out of the house but going for a walk is a bit scary to me as I don’t have good long range vision.
My foster parents have a carrier for me which I love to sit in so I can join the other dogs for a nightly walk. My foster ma said it’s embarrassing but I really don’t think so, I’m ok with it. I really just want to be included in your life.

You may have noticed I only have one eye, you see when I came to Geelong Animal Rescue I wasn’t in the best way. I had such bad dental disease that all my teeth had to come out and my eye was half out of its socket and had been for a while.
The awesome humans at GAR and their amazing village (you guys) helped fix that straight away to give me a new lease on life!

I can still see but I don’t have a long range of vision. Us dogs are pretty remarkable in how we adapt and once I map out my surroundings you wouldn’t even notice I’m low vision.
Because of this I don’t like little children as their energy and fast movements scare me. I can also get under feet so be prepared to be kept on your toes!

Medically speaking I’m in great condition now! I do require eye drops twice a day (tacrilimus) but I don’t fight you on this if you know what you’re doing, don’t worry my foster ma will show you how to do it ?

What I’m looking for in my new home is someone who is going to be around more often than not and willing to include me in their daily lives. I enjoy the calm life so need a gentle home, ideally I would also love another gentle and calm dog.

I will need 24 hour access to inside (Ive never had an accident inside), a doggy door would be ideal, as I have almost no body fat so get cold quote easily.
Secure fencing is a must as I’m so little I could easily slip through the smallest of gaps.
I’m really looking for that extra special home and in return I will provide you with endless love and entertainment.

As I have some pretty specific requirements for my new home my foster ma said this won’t be a quick adoption so please be patient with my foster rents as they just want to make sure I’m going to the right home.

Paws truly,
Ria ?

If you think you offer Ria a great home you can apply to adopt here ?

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M/chip# 956000001913832
Source# EE100238

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