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My name is Ruby and I am a big softy, looking to be someone's best mate!
I would be well suited to a physically strong person or family who is kind and who will give me the attention I deserve. I love walks but my social skills are a bit rusty in the big wide world. I would thrive with some positive reinforcement training and once I settle down, relax and feel safe I walk nicely on the lead. I can however be very strong and pull and lunge a bit if other dogs approach me who I do not know so maybe an person with experience with large dog breeds might be my best match.
I travel well in the car and like to be with my human friends. My top list of things I like are most importantly lots of love, food, going for walks, feeling safe and being looked after in a good routine.

I hope I can find my forever best mate soon!

Ruby has been brought up in a loving home with a family with kids and other animals. She loved to go along to work with her tradie Dad but unfortunately for her the rules changed and she could no longer tag along. She has lived fine with other dogs/cats/chickens in her own back yard but for a long time she and her friends have not ventured outside into the real world as mum/Dad were busy working hard. As the kids grew up the time for walks slipped on the list of thing to do, because of this she can pull on lead with strange dogs coming into her space. This is why we think a strong person who knows how to train and deal with large dogs would be suited. She does want to please her humans and without distractions, she can walk nicely and relaxed on lead. She has been walking every day on a large farm and enjoys the routine of been walked, have a rest and to then be fed. She will then be very happy and styled for the night. Eventually she could go for free runs and taught recall but a lot of training with socialisation would need to occur first.
She is a lovely dog who knows basic commands to sit, stay, shake a paw but can get a little overexcited at food time and sometimes tries to jump up, she responds to get down and will sit for food.
Her foster family would love to kept her on their farm but have enough of their own animals at the moment and are unable to gives her all the attention she deserves!

Due to some recent ear infections, Ruby’s forever home must be patient and willing to get regular check ups as she may be prone to these.

Ruby is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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