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Border Collie Cross

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This extremely handsome boy Sailor, is very loving and devoted with a super sweet temperament. He's eager to please and happy to follow you around all day, and he loves to sing “roo roo roo” when he’s excited to see you. Sailor will be 5 years old in August. He's full of energy at playtime but equally the biggest couch potato when it's time to chill.

Sailor is a medium-large Border Collie X and has a few of the classic BC traits - can have some anxiety, overexcitement at walk time, and ball fixation. On the plus side, he's incredibly loyal, super smart and attentive.

Whilst he does currently live with a doggie sister, he can be reactive to dogs, especially if approached on the lead, and for this reason Sailor will be best living as the sole doggie king-of-the-castle in his new home. He loves people, and even though he's great with kids he can be nervous around the unpredictable behaviour of youngsters so he would be best suited in a home with older children, teens or young adults.

Sailor's dream home is with a family that is home most of the time, and not left alone for long periods - he is a real people doggie! He would thrive in a large yard or acreage where daily lead walks are not absolutely essential but where he can still run and play. Being all white, it's important that Sailor can relax in the shade or inside on summer days to avoid his pink nose getting burnt.

He loves his walks and can be very excited at the start, however he walks really well in his harness, usually a few steps ahead and he especially loves being on a retractable or extension lead so he can explore and have a wonderful sniffari! He is reasonably good off-lead and absolutely loves a run/swim at the beach providing he's got his own space and won't be rushed by another dog.

As much as Sailor loves to chase a ball, he also loves to chase small fluffy things that run fast, so not suitable to be rehomed with cats, rabbits or chickens/birds. He thinks this is a great game!

He adores pats and cuddles and will actually put his paws up to cuddle you in return, looooves brushes and baths and will impress you with his cleverness and eagerness to learn new tricks. He is happily crate-trained and comfortable sleeping in a crate, kennel or inside in his bed. He is well house trained and very obedient. He is a fantastic guard dog, but doesn’t bark excessively. He absolutely loves his toys and takes great comfort in his soft toy babies.

Sailor is the biggest love bug and he's so desperate to show you how much he loves you and just wants to be loved in return.

Sailor is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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