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Hi everybody! My name is Sasha, you may remember me from a few weeks ago when I had a yucky eye! Well thanks to all your very generous donations, GAR was able to help me get the care I needed to live a long and healthy life! Unfortunately, that meant my eye had to go, but don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t even notice it’s missing!

Now that I am back to being just how a normal puppy should  be, I am ready to find my forever home! My foster mum is going to make sure I get the best forever home possible! So only perfect families must apply.

Firstly, I should tell you a bit about myself. I am about 6 months old, very smart, but also very naughty, but that’s what all puppies are like, isn’t it? I love to run and run and run, which means my recall in large open spaces is pretty much non-existent. In the back yard though I always come back when called! Sometimes it’s not instantly but that’s only when I’m munching on a stick or poo, yes I eat poo, only sometimes though I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s so gross, it is normal right? My foster mum thinks I’ll grow out of it, well she hopes I will! She thinks it’s cause I was really skinny when she first got me, but I am getting fatter every day thanks to some good quality puppy food and the poo of course!

My foster mum has taught me a few tricks while she’s had me, and because I am just so smart I picked them up really fast! I know how to sit, shake, lay down, wait, wait for my food, get on my bed and I am crate trained. I am still learning how to walk on a lead well, I am good most of the time but as soon as I see another dog or human I just get super excited and jump around! As I said earlier, I am still working on my recall. My nose picks up so many delicious smells and I get easily distracted that my foster mum just isn’t important any more, shh don’t tell her I said that! With loads of practice and a long line I should pick it up eventually, but for now I should remain on some type of lead or I’ll get lost! I am 99% toilet trained but will still have the occasional accident if I’m not let out in time, but that’s my foster mum’s fault.

In my foster home I live with 2 dogs, I get a long with them really well! I love to play and run around, I can get a bit annoying and don’t really listen when they tell me to go away but eventually I get the idea and go find a toy to play with. I love toys! They are the best things ever! Rubbery chew toys and squeaky toys are my faves! The louder the squeak the better! If there are not toys around a stick will do! I also lived with a cat for a while, she was cool, I annoyed her a bit when I fist met her but after she gave me a tap on the nose I made sure to give her space. We became good mates eventually, our foster mum always found us cuddled by the heater together.

My forever home must have another young energetic doggy friend as I don’t like being alone at all! My forever humans must let me sleep inside, especially in this freezing weather. I get too cold when outside! Human children would be a bonus, I love kids they are fun especially when they play with me, I am very gentle with them too. I cannot live with birds or pocket pets! They are just too fun to chase and look too yummy not to eat.

My forever humans must be dedicated to continuing my training, especially recall and allow me to be a part of the family as I hate to miss out on anything fun!

If you think you’re the perfect family for me then fill in an app! I can’t wait to meet you!

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