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Hi everyone!
My name is Scooby and I recently had my first birthday. I’m a husky cross but I’m not like a wolf at all except for in my eyes.

I’m quite boisterous, energetic and a big clutz hence the name, though I’m also a big love bug. As this is the case I need daily attention with playtime, catching balls and running away with it when you chase(zoomies style). Preferably I also love walks, or runs if you can keep up, and I don’t mind having a long car trip to go for an adventure. The more I get out the more I’ll be happy to just lay down and chill with you, even if it’s just down to the shops with my tongue flapping in the wind out the window.

I’m not the best with other animals sometimes, especially when dogs bark at me. I have been getting better though learning to sit down when people and their pets go by and I’ve even started doing it without being asked.

I am a big fella and am still not quite aware of my size so please forgive me when I jump up for a hug(sucker for a morning cuddle), just be clear and confident, either way I would never intentionally hurt you, I’d rather give kisses. My favourite games are fetch and chase and my favourite toy is a footy, but what I love more than anything is belly scratches.

I’m looking for a loving and patient home with lots of room, that is forgiving when I chew your succulents for not walking me. I’d preferably like to live without another dog as I can get nervous when I get close to other pooches. I think I’d be okay with young kids as long as I’m supervised until I’m used to them and understand how much I can play with them. I’ve learnt so much already and am always excited to go anywhere with anyone, so let me know if you need an adventure buddy or a gallivanting compulsive cuddler and I’ll give you a lifetime of smiles

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