Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle 





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In the serene alleys of Meowropolis, there dwells a kitten of mysterious allure and quiet grace, known to all as Selina Kyle....or... Cat Woman. Selina's silken fur glimmers like moonlight and she exudes an air of elegance that captivates those around her.

Unlike the boisterous antics of her fellow superheroes and supervillains, Selina Kyle is more reserved and introspective. She prefers the tranquility of quiet corners and cozy hideaways, where she can observe the world with her piercing amber eyes.

But don't mistake her quiet demeanor for aloofness; Selina is a gentle and friendly soul at heart. She may take a moment to warm up to new acquaintances, but once she does, she's a loyal companion who delights in gentle pats.

Selina finds solace and joy in the company of her furry companions, whether she's curled up in a sunbeam or engaging in playful bouts of chase.

Selina Kyle is seeking a quieter home where she can truly blossom. A place where she can curl up on a soft cushion and watch the world go by, surrounded by those who appreciate her quiet nature.

If you're ready to welcome a gentle and friendly companion into your life, look no further than Selina Kyle. Together, you'll create a haven of peace and serenity in the heart of Meowropolis, where every moment is cherished and every purr is a symphony of contentment.

Selina Kyle is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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