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Pomeranian X Chihuahua

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Hi, my name’s Simba & I’m a 12 year old Pomeranian x Chihuahua x Terrier (Foster mum thinks Foxy) I am a senior dog & quite timid upon meeting new people. However, I’m a gentle soul with a lot of love to give & despite my age, I’m still a spritely gentleman who, once you’ve gained my trust, will be your best little mate & shower you with unconditional love. I really enjoy human company but I’m not clingy nor am I a massive snuggler or “Handbag Pet” I really do enjoy the simple things in life such as gentle tummy rubs & neck massages. I don’t suffer from any separation anxiety when left alone & will gladly greet you with excitement upon your return.

Being the old man that I am, I do have a very important daily routine to follow as I have a lifelong heart condition. This is easily managed & cost effective with 2x daily medications & diet. Aside from this, I’m in excellent condition & enjoy daily walks & adventures in the car.

I have previously lived with another small dog who was a lifelong friend but at times I can be a little protective of my humans & prefer to be the only furbaby. I would be best suited to either a small sized family environment with one or two children over the age of 12 or a single person who would be home for the majority of the day to keep me company. In saying that, I’m very independent & happy to be either inside or outside during the day so long as I have a secure yard. I’m not a digger or a fence jumper but if I happen to see an open gate/door, I may try to take advantage of that & go explore my neighbourhood a little. (This has only happened once whilst in foster care) At night, I like to snuggle at your feet in bed or sleep in my own bed.

I’m happy to meet other friendly dogs on my daily walks but not impressed if they show aggression or get too close to my humans. I sometimes have a quirky little habit of walking past other dogs & once out of reach, I may give a little growl as if to stamp my authority but it’s all bluff. I’m never aggressive....unless of course, I’ve experienced pain such as being vaccinated with those nasty needles at the Vets.

I’m also a great little watchdog, doing my boundary checks when outside & alerting my humans of anything that I think may be suspicious. I will give a little bark but I understand when I’m told “Enough” or “Leave it” & will always do what is being asked of me. If you think we would be a perfect match & you’re able to maintain my daily needs & wish to spend “Forever” together, please submit an application.

Simba is desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated & up to date with Flea/Worm treatments.

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