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Hello, I’m Spencer! I’m a 14 week old boy and a confident bundle of joy. At 14 weeks old I am already quite big, and have plenty more growing to do. I'm a big fan of spending time cuddling and playing with my foster family (including 2 big dogs), and love meeting new people and dogs of all sizes. However I'm also brave and independent enough to spend long periods of time by myself and self play.

My foster family has begun basic obedience training and socialisation. I respond to my name and am able to sit and come on command in a quiet environment, and am very gentle with taking treats. I like going on walks but am still learning my manners while walking on a lead. At puppy school I have been very distracted and find it difficult to follow commands (unless you have something extra tasty). I will need you to continue to work on keeping my focus on you and following your direction. My new family must be prepared to continue my socialisation and puppy schooling to build my confidence and understanding of basic commands.

My confidence does have its limitations. I can sometimes find new environments over stimulating or am sometimes startled by new loud noises, but I am curious and just need some time to adapt to new smells and sights. I do warm up to my surroundings faster with another dog around. I am comfortable with car rides and going on walks but need a family that will continue to show me new environments to get me familiar with all sorts of settings.

My new home must have plenty of room for me to play with toys and regular playtime with my family and/or other dogs. When I am bored I am creative in finding my own fun, such as finding things in the backyard to play my own games with, running and jumping, and finding new toys. I am however prone to digging holes so my new family must provide me with regular mental and physical stimulation such as training or play time to keep me occupied and happy, and be patient enough to redirect me to better things such as toys. I am a bit of a couch potato anyway and am very good at putting myself to bed (I will often walk straight to my crate or bed when I am tired), so with regular playtime, walks and socialisation I will probably sleep most of the day anyway.

I have slept in a crate during foster care and am pretty well toilet trained. I can go most of the night without a toilet break, and will let you know when I need to be let outside. However if not let out frequently enough during the day I have made some mistakes inside, but this doesn't happen often.

I love meeting and playing with new people and dogs and am generally gentle. However I can sometimes get too excited and jumpy with other dogs. I am still learning that not all dogs want to play with me, and need help to recognise their signals telling me to back off. My new family will need to be prepared to read other dog's signals during playtime and redirect me when I become too excited.

One of the big foster dogs I'm been living with has really helped me build my confidence in new settings and I would love for my new family to have another dog. However I would also be okay if I was the only dog in the household. I'm comfortable and gentle around children. I haven't been around any other animals such as cats so it is unknown how I'd be around them, but as a puppy I have plenty of room to learn and adapt. It is important to remember I'm going to grow into a big dog and will need a family that is ready to continue my training and accommodate me with plenty of love and space.

I am such a sweet boy who can’t wait to meet my forever family and give them lots of love and cuddles.

I am microchipped, desexed and have had my first 2 puppy vaccinations. I'm up to date with flea and worm

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