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Kelpie X Border Collie

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Stella is an affectionate, fun Kelpie cross Border Collie who came into foster care in February.  Back then, she was a sickly girl who was just skin and bones.  She didn't know how to play and attempts to take her for a walk were met with cowering on the ground.  That is so hard to believe when you see her now.  Her transformation has been amazing.

She is now a cheeky, healthy bundle of energy who charms anyone who meets her.  She now loves to play games.  Some of her favourites are: fetching the ball, hide and seek, treasure hunt (for food treats of course!) and keepings off.  But her favourite is playing with a squeaky toy.  Apparently they are alive and she can spend hours chasing one, throwing it in the air, rolling on the ground with it and nuzzling it to make it squeak.

Stella is a loving, loyal dog who loves meeting new people.  Meeting dogs- not so much, but see below for more on that.  She is a very quick learner and generally obedient.  So far her repertoire includes- Sit, Drop, Roll Over, Wait / Stay, Come, No, Go To Bed, Get The Ball.

Stella now loves to go for walks, so much so that her anticipatory excitement can be a bit overwhelming. On lead, she still pulls a bit. It's not too bad but does need more practice.  But what she really loves is to run free – be it the beach, the bush or a paddock.  She is excellent at recall.  Even when distracted by kangaroos or rabbits she always returns when called. And if she loses sight of you, she dashes back to find you (hide and seek).

Yes Stella loves people, but she is not good with other dogs (or cats).  She is quite anxious around other dogs, scared of many and becomes reactive towards them.  She has been doing a lot of training on this, including the use of an e-collar, and has made significant improvements.  However this is still a significant challenge.  While she can now control her reactive urges most times, the underlying anxiety persists, and vigilance is required when other dogs are around-  particularly if an off-lead dog rushes at her.  Also, allowing her to enjoy an off-lead run requires appropriate locations where she can be kept away from other dogs.

Stella is interested in most things and can entertain herself, or even just chill or snooze.  However she much prefers human company and would struggle if left alone for long periods every day. She has not been destructive but has chosen to 'help with the gardening' a few times.

It's time to find Stella her forever home.  She will flourish in a loving home where 'the rules' are clearly defined.  She will require a fair bit of mental stimulation and regular exercise. In return you will be rewarded with a fun adorable and loyal pet.  At this stage she is probably too boisterous for small children.

Stella is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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