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Miss Suki girl, also called Sooky and Suks

Suki is a total love bug, lap dog and absolute sweet heart who only wants to cuddle and spend time with her humans. Suks is a people dog, she would choose to hang out with people over dogs any day. She loves playing tug-o-war, wrestling, chasey and fetch but she is still learning to bring the toy back but absolutely loves to chase it when it is thrown. Despite her size, Suki has and will climb on anyone’s lap for a cuddle, even if it is her first time meeting you, she will climb up and snuggle right into you. As Suki has so much love to give to her humans, well any human. She can get a bit too excited and does jump but she has been learning not to and generally only jumps when the human is also excited and getting her revved up. Her foster dad is very guilty of this.

Even though Suki does love to be with her humans all the time, she is also very good at keeping herself occupied if need be. She does show some separation anxiety occasionally but for the most part she does well when being left home alone. As long as she is given plenty of toys and her kong wobbler to keep her busy, then she is quite happy to hang out until you return home. The only time Suki shows some separation anxiety is when she sees her foster brother leave with out her. She will cry a little until he returns, if she does not see him leave then she doesn’t worry at all. She suffers from a little bit of f.o.m.o.

Suki currently lives with a male Bulldog who she gets along with well. They are kept separate when home alone due to her exuberant play style and her foster brother being older with bad joints but when they are together, they nap, cuddle in front of the heater and have supervised play. She has also lived with a couple of French Bulldogs and got along with all of them well. Suks would love to have a brother in her forever home, preferably one who is of similar size or larger that she can rough and tumble with but also allow her snuggle with them.

Now, Suki is leash re-active and nervous when in public. She has come along way with her training and is much more confident and far less re-active than she was when she first came into care. She does have small re-actions when other re-active dogs are around but is improving every day and will continue to improve with training and confidence building in her forever home. Suki is food motivated and easy to train, she loves to learn new things and really enjoys her training sessions and confidence building walks. In general Suki is great on the lead, she sits when asked, waits, has good recall, and is muzzled trained. She will go to her forever home with her own properly fitted muzzle and be required to wear it on walks. When introduced to other dogs properly and in a safe manner Suki is excellent, she loves to play and snuggle with any new friends she makes. She can come across a little too exuberant but does calm down when asked to and is respectful of other dogs if they tell her off.

Being a Staffy mix with potentially a bit of Shar pei, has meant Suki does have sensitive skin. During the warmer months she can get quite itchy and red, as she does run a bit warm and get sweaty. During the colder months her skin does dry out and become flaky. Suki is on Apoquel once daily and this has helped her skin so much, she is far less itchy and does not break out in a rash anymore. She does however over produce yeast and still gets itchy feet, which she does lick at. Suki has been to a dermatologist and we have come up with a treatment plan of regular melaseb feet baths as well using medicated wipes on her feet and up her legs twice to once weekly depending on how itchy they are. Suki will mostly likely need to stay on Apoquel for life but she doesn’t mind, she loves getting her piece of cheese or ham treat every day. She hears the sound of her medication bottle being opened and runs up excitably waiting for her treat. Keeping Suki on a high quality diet with lots of skin boosting natural supplements has and will continue to help maintain keep her skin and coat in excellent condition.

To summarise, Suki’s forever home would ideally have another male dog as a companion, preferably one who can handle her exuberant play style. Humans who are dedicated to continuing her training and socialisation. She will never be a dog park dog but she still loves to be included in outdoor activities like hiking, bush walking and sniffari’s. She is great with all humans of any size but would be best in a home with children over 12 years of age due to her excitable jumping. Her forever home would have no cats or pocket pets, a nice backyard to do zoomies in, allow her to be inside to cuddle up in front of the heater and hang out with her humans and give her all the love she deserves.

Suki is crate trained, toilet trained, travels well in the car and isn’t too fazed about fire works or thunder.

Miss Suki is the sweetest girl who will give you nothing but love and snuggles. Once you meet her you will instantly fall in love.

Suki is microchipped, desexed and up to date with her vaccinations, worming and flea treatmants.

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