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Hi, I’m Sunny!

I’ve just had a birthday so I’m a very well balanced, distinguished 4yo now. Before joining the GAR gang, I lived in a family home with children & this is where I learnt all of my impeccable manners. I respond very well to voice commands but being the Lab that I am, I will also do anything for food.

I can be a little boisterous when I’m excited but always do what is asked of me & I believe that I may just have the patience of a saint. My foster mum likes to test this theory by blowing raspberries on my head which I enjoy & more than happy to repay her with my own kisses & snuggles.

I thoroughly enjoy my daily walks which are a necessity for me as I have a little idiosyncrasy where I don’t like to use my house yard as a toilet for “Big business” I get excited when I know it walk time & I can pull a little on my lead but with gentle persuasion & reminders, I calm down quite quickly. However, I am a social butterfly & always like to meet new humans & other dogs but often forget my size & I can overwhelm small dogs with my excitement. I’m quickly learning to control my excitement & happy to meet all dogs under the supervision of my humans but do not like it if another dog doesn’t understand gentle play & tries to be the Alpha. I’m not aggressive but I will try to bluff my way out it by trying to stand my ground.

I also like car rides & make the best passenger. I don’t suffer with any separation anxiety issues & I’m very attentive & super loyal to my humans. If I think something is amiss, I’ll go and investigate while alerting them with a short, deep bark but only when it’s necessary.

Untested on cats but I do like to lay around & peacefully watch the birds.

Sunny is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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